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Who you choose for your maternity and newborn photographer is important. You want to pick someone who style matches yours, but who will also treat you and your baby with safety and comfort. As an experienced maternity and newborn photographer in New Orleans, I can assure you that I take your comfort and your baby safety seriously. Maternity sessions are held between 28 and 32 weeks before you get too uncomfortable, and newborn sessions are held between six and 12 days before the baby starts to wake up as much. 

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Maternity and Newborn Photo Sessions


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We will chat either in person or by phone to determine what you want the session to look like. Don't worry if you aren't sure - many of my clients aren't! I have lots of ideas to help you along the way.
We'll also go over the artwork options. How are you going to display your gorgeous photos? You can browse through our wall art and heirloom album samples. You will instantly see why clients book us - and start imaging your own family as art.

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Don't stress about this part - we've planned and prepared everything for this day! Just sit back and enjoy yourself. Whether you are watching or participating, this is fun. We have many years of experience working with all types of children and personalities, including special needs. Whether your child is shy or rambunctious, we follow their lead. Giggles, laughter, and smiles are typical. Most often, your child will be talking about this experience for weeks afterward. Get ready to hear about Flirty the Unicorn for even longer.

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This is everyone's favorite part! This is the most exciting and emotional part of your portrait experience. You'll come back to the studio to see your final set of images for the very first time. We'll show you a custom slideshow of your images (families love this best). Don't worry if the tears well up, we provide the tissues, too.
After the slideshow, we'll go through each image more closely. We'll show you pre-designed albums and wall art so you can see exactly how your images will look. Make any changes you like, or keep things exactly as they are. These are your memories and we want them to be perfect for you. You'll make your final decisions during this appointment, and then we'll keep you updated on the status of your order.

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Once everything arrives, we will double check it to make sure that everything is perfect. Then we'll call you so you can take your family home! Everything will be ready to hang or display - no DIY projects needed.

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Teena made my maternity dreams come true! I worried that I would feel like a beached whale and look about as uncomfortable as I felt. But the pictures are magical, I will be getting her to do maternity pictures for the next baby!


My newborn session with Teena was a breeze! She totally knows how to handle a baby and I didn't worry at all about anything! I could have fallen asleep on the couch in her studio and woken up to amazing baby pictures, but I wanted to watch the whole magic unfold.

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